Keep people on your website
using a dynamic tab & favicon

A wordpress plugin that changes your favicon & site title to keep readers coming back.

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Add personality to your website

People love emojis. Use them to put a smile on your visitors face and lure them back to your website.

Get visitors back to your website quickly

Customize the favicon and title tab on your site to stand out and bring people back to your site.

Increase time on your website

Don’t lose your audience to multiple-tab syndrome. Encourage exploration.

How Does Proud Beggar Work?


Step 1

Install the Proud Beggar plugin 💻


Step 2

Someone visits your site 🖥👀


Step 3

They get distracted by a new tab 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️


Step 4

Proud Beggar brings them back 🙏